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Why Claim Settlement Ratio is the wrong parameter to look at? 2022

Do you understand exactly what is the claim settlement ratio in insurance? Many people just look at the claim settlement ratio and form an opinion about the insurance company. In this article, I break down some myths and help you understand more about the claim settlement ratio. What is Claim Settlement Ratio? In simple words, claim settlement ratio… Read More »

FREE GIFT – A detailed Blackbox file for your family

dear readers Today we are releasing a FREE, very detailed, and comprehensive Google Sheets for all that can act as a single point of information for your family to access all the data and information related to your financial life. In this COVID pandemic, many families lost a family member and in many cases, it was the main… Read More »

Loan Against Property (LAP) – A Full Detailed Guide 2022

Today I will tell you about Loan Against Property (LAP) If you have any property which is free from any debt, you can take loan by keeping that property as collateral Loan Against Property (LAP) Loan Against Property (LAP) is a secured loan taken against a commercial or residential property held with the lender as collateral. As the… Read More »

How I survived a Credit Card fraud today!

one of my Twitter followers Mr. Ravi Shared with me a possible credit card fraud attempt he survived. I want to share with you all with his permission. goes here , I have RBL Bank Credit Card along with few others. Today, I got a call from a mobile number 6391504865. The man was speaking fluent English and… Read More »

10,000 invested in Wipro became 500 crores free

I am sure you must have seen the famous example of how Rs 10,000 invested in WIPRO became Rs 500 crore in 2019. This is a huge asset. But today I want to decode this story and see what are some of the issues and problems. I have made a video on this topic, see below First, note… Read More »

4 FIRE levels (Financial Freedom retire Early)

FIRE (Financial Freedom / Premature Retirement) movement is quite famous in India since last few years. Every investor I meet these days wants to get FIRE as soon as possible. I would like to discuss some important points related to FIRE movement and types of FIRE with all of you today. What is fire?(Financial Freedom) Fire or Financial… Read More »

Is Health Insurance Premium a Waste of Money?

Many people think that paying health insurance premiums is a Waste of money. After all, why pay premiums for years and years, and what if nothing happens? After all, our grandparents never had any health insurance and are in perfect health. Why pay for something that is a hypothetical risk? These health insurance companies are here just to… Read More »