What is Dream 11 and how to play Dream 11 full information.

What is it? Dream11 How to play & earn money from Dream11? Dream11. You can earn money from Dream11 sitting at home. I am going to tell you how to earn that, how to install the app, you people should share something before installing Dream11. After that we will see how we register Dream11 and from where to get the team, how to put the team and your team I am going to tell you everything and I am also going to tell you from where you can get cricket information. What is Dream 11 and how to play Win full information?

What are Dream11?

What is Dream11

Dream11 is such an app where you can earn money by giving your knowledge. You can play on Dream11’s website as well. You will have to sign up in Dream11 and play the game and whatever you win, you can take Payments in your Paytm. If you want to play Dream11 then you have to have a

Example – I understand by. If the match between India and Pakistan is going on, then you will have to take any 11 players in both of them and after that you will have to make one of them the captain and the white captain and make your own team. then that team

You can earn money by investing money in it. Now let us see how to register Dream11.

How to Register in Dream 11, Play on Dream 11 and Earn Lakhs of Rupees.

To register in Dream11, you must have a smart phone or computer and also have an internet connection. And apart from this you have a mobile no. And the email should also be Eid. To register Dream11, you must have the real website of Dream11

Will have to download Dream11 first.

Dream11’s real website: Dream 11

You will not find this app in play store but I have given you the link of real website

Dream11 Sign Up:

You can download it from there. These applications will run on both Android and iOS.

Download Dream11 App or you can also download by clicking here. Now your dream 11 must have been downloaded. Now after installing Dream11 on your phone, such an interface will appear.


Here you have to click on Have A Promo Code and enter this code HIQUO1PQ. You will enter this code only after uske you will get 100 RS. i who

After entering the promo code given, you will get your email id and phone no. have to put.

If you do not understand, then I have put a photo, you can see it. And click on join button. You can make 6 teams in it. After making a team, you can join any league. Now let’s see how to make a team. now you have no

You also have to select the match and you have to click on it. As soon as you click, such a page will open.

In this you have to click on Create Team. later open such a page


You have to make this your team. And if you do not have any idea to make a team, then on this website you will get a team for free. And if you have knowledge on cricket then you can also make a team yourself. If you don’t have any more knowledge, I have given the link, you can go there and take the team. Get a Team for Free: Cricket

Let’s see how to make a team in this:


You will see such a page, in that you will see WK above, this is our wicketkeeper, out of which you will have to select any one. You have to keep in mind that you got only 100 points, out of which you have to make a whole team.

Now click on BAT i.e. such a page will open, this is our batsman out of it

You can also take 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 batsmen.


Now click on AR i.e. such a page will open, this is our all rounder, out of this you can take any 1 or 2 or 3 all rounder


Now click on BOWL i.e. such a page will open, this is our bowler, out of which you can take 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 bowlers.


Now your team is ready, now you have to click on continue button and join any league.


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