4 FIRE levels (Financial Freedom retire Early)

FIRE (Financial Freedom / Premature Retirement) movement is quite famous in India since last few years. Every investor I meet these days wants to get FIRE as soon as possible. I would like to discuss some important points related to FIRE movement and types of FIRE with all of you today. What is fire?(Financial Freedom) Fire or Financial… Read More »

How to make money from your parents

Working to help your parents is a great way to say thank you for everything they do. And, it turns out, there are some simple things you can do to help them actually make you money. credit: pixelheadphoto digital skillet – Shutterstock money from your parents For a lot of students, it is difficult to get into uni… Read More »

How to sell on Facebook Marketplace and make Free benefits in 2022.

Selling on Facebook Marketplace isn’t easy, it’s cheap too. We’ve gathered our experience to put together the definitive guide to making the most money on your sales. Looking to try something new in the market, or shift to something you already have? Facebook Marketplace is the place to go. Not only can you list things to sell, you… Read More »

Best 12 things to recycle for money

before throwing Anything Away, read the list below. We’ll go over some of the best, easiest and most profitable things you can recycle for money. Credits: S.Zykov, Evgesha the Creator, Butsaya, Bohdan Danylchenko, Random435 – Shutterstock Recycle for money It goes without saying that recycling your old stuff is an essential way to reduce your carbon footprint. But… Read More »

What is affiliate marketing? – SAVE THE MONEY 2022

Keen to learn more about affiliate marketing? Read on to discover what it is, how it works, how to maximise your profits and which affiliate networks to use. Credit: Prostock-studio, Linda Bestwick – Shutterstock Affiliate marketing is a brilliant way to make money online. But, as it’s such a huge topic, you won’t be alone in wondering how… Read More »

9 Money Lessons from Jyoti after she lost her Husband (Real Life Story)

Money:- Here is a real-life sharing from one of our clients on personal finance lessons she learned after she suddenly lost her husband. We asked her to jot down her journey for the benefit of other investors and we thank her that she agreed. Over to Jyoti Iyer .. — Hi Everyone, I am here to share my… Read More »

Is Health Insurance Premium a Waste of Money?

Many people think that paying health insurance premiums is a Waste of money. After all, why pay premiums for years and years, and what if nothing happens? After all, our grandparents never had any health insurance and are in perfect health. Why pay for something that is a hypothetical risk? These health insurance companies are here just to… Read More »

4 methods of calculating Networth, which no one will tell you

The Net Worth Formula Is Quite Simple Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities So, if you have assets of Rs. 2 crores and your liabilities are 50 lakhs, your total assets are 1.5 crores. We have always been taught to calculate net worth in this way and there is nothing wrong with it, however, it is a very… Read More »

Why you shall not obsess about getting “same day NAV”?

A lot of investors are worried that when they invest in mutual funds they do not get the same-day NAV? There are days when the markets fall by 1%, 2%, or 3-4%, and this is a great opportunity to invest in equities at low NAV! However, due to recent changes made by SEBI, NAV is now allotted on… Read More »

10 precautions to take before transferring money to someone online deal

Online scams are on the rise in India for the last 5-6 years as there has been an increase in UPI and online transactions over time. Transfer Recently a person I knew told me that he accidentally lost Rs 56,000 in an online fraud. He wanted to go on a tour and when he searched online, he found… Read More »