FREE GIFT – A detailed Blackbox file for your family

By | July 5, 2022

dear readers

Today we are releasing a FREE, very detailed, and comprehensive Google Sheets for all that can act as a single point of information for your family to access all the data and information related to your financial life.

In this COVID pandemic, many families lost a family member and in many cases, it was the main breadwinner of the family. This left him in a position where he had no idea about insurance and investments made. They had to find every little detail from the beginning and it was a very frustrating experience.

A lot of this can be avoided if one just creates a master document file (also known as a blackbox file) and saves all the information in it and shares that file with one’s family.

We Released it on Twitter platformWhich has a link to copy it to your Google Drive.

May I request you to like and retweet the tweet so that it reaches as many people as possible.

What’s in this blackbox file?

  • various investment details
  • various insurance details
  • various contact details
  • various important ids
  • assets and liabilities section
  • Checklist of what to do after death of account holder
  • term insurance claim process
  • banking claim process
  • Mutual Fund Claim Process
  • PPF and EPF claim process
  • NPS Claim Process
  • property claim process
  • Demat Claim Process
  • Video (English and Hindi) on 20 things to do after the death of a family member
  • Introduction video about this sheet

Please copy the master file to your Google account and fill it up and then share it with your spouse/ family members. Share this link in your office platform or other WhatsApp groups that you are a part of.

Also, do share your feedback about the sheet and if you liked it?

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