How I survived a Credit Card fraud today!

By | June 30, 2022

one of my Twitter followers Mr. Ravi Shared with me a possible credit card fraud attempt he survived. I want to share with you all with his permission.

rbl bank credit card otp-fraud

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I have RBL Bank Credit Card along with few others.

Today, I got a call from a mobile number 6391504865. The man was speaking fluent English and was claiming to be from RBL Bank. He asked me- at the time of getting the card was I told that this card is lifetime free or will there be a joining fee. Then he asked if I was actually given the credit limit that I was told. Up to this point, I’ve answered questions.

Then he told me that the bank is offering to increase my credit limit of 1 lakh if ​​I want. And then asked – “Please confirm whether the PAN number I am mentioning is correct or not.” Then he told me my correct PAN number. He further said that he was sending an OTP which should be shared with him for authorization of this limit increase. Here comes the scary part. I received an OTP from a valid RBL messaging service (VK-RBLBNK), from which I usually receive transaction messages. The contents of this SMS were as follows:

“234567 is the OTP (One Time Password) to update your RBL Bank Credit Card Settings.”

To ensure that it is indeed a fraud, I asked me to give my existing card limit before sharing the OTP. He could not answer it properly and started beating around the bush. I told him that I will not share the OTP unless it is mentioned in the SMS that this OTP is to increase the credit card limit. I asked him to send me an email regarding this from his RBL email id. He said yes and hung up the phone.

Soon after the fraud call connected to Mr. Ravi, RBL Bank customer care (fraud detection department) and found out that it was in fact a fraud call.

Here is another such incident

rbi credit card fraud

pan and credit card leak

It is clear from this that all his information was with the fraudster.

No one asks for OTP to increase the credit card limit. This is always informed to you by SMS, or the message you see when you log in to your banking portal. The OTP that was generated was definitely for some other purpose (like to transfer money or to authorize certain purchases).

So be careful if you get a call to increase your credit card limit and the other party has your PAN, card details, current card limit etc. they can be cheaters

Make sure you never share OTP overcall with anyone. There are many youngsters who may be new to the working of credit cards and fall prey to this fraud. The return of the Jamtara gang seems to be happening with a new trick.

His original sharing was posted Here and part of it is reproduced with their permission

Have you ever faced any type of credit card fraud? Can you share in comments?

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